2022 Winter Yardsale in Village of Whitelaw

On February 20, the Village of Whitelaw citizens had the chance to take a walk through the Winter Charity Yardsale in the center of Whitelaw and enjoyed hot drinks. On the alley near the Gastronomic Theater, all kinds of jewelry, handmade holiday decorations, and a lot of exclusive gifts suitable for Christmas were waiting to be discovered.

Charity Yardsale also means an eco fair where you can find a lot of useful and healthy things: snacks, dried fruit, honey, desserts. The craftsmen exhibited various products which, they say, are enjoying growing popularity, and the buyers are delighted with the originality and value of the handmade objects. Soft toys, bags, jewelry, handmade paintings, and icons. All were exhibited at the yard sale. The collected money went to a school for children with special needs in California, San Antonio.

The fair of handmade creations lasted one Sunday from 12:00 to 19:00. and had free entrance!

Yardsale Sponsors

We are so thankful to our sponsors that supported us financially and organizational in this yardsale:

Cranbrook Academy of Art - center for talented kids in arts
LĂ©man Manhattan - Preparatory School, Private Kindergarten